Asset Lab

Providing quality assurance for Tavistock clients by overseeing the investment risk taken by Tavistock Asset Management (TAM) and any approved 3rd party Discretionary Fund Managers (DFMs).

About Asset Lab


Asset Lab provides Tavistock’s investment clients with on-going quality assurance on the activities of both our in-house investment team and any approved 3rd party DFMs adhering to our governance framework.

This is a vital on-going function for all clients, ensuring that the risk profile they each agree with their financial adviser, whenever they make an investment decision, is appropriately and consistently reflected in their investment holdings as market values fluctuate over time.

Research, asset allocation & governance structure

Asset Lab licenses the use of research, asset allocation data and a governance structure, to TAM as well as to an approved panel of 3rd Party DFMs. This enables each investment team to define and manage its own investment strategies, whilst adhering to the Tavistock investment framework and governance.

Asset Lab does not construct or provide any investment funds or portfolios for the use of end clients. Nor does it provide any investment advice, recommendations or investment management services to any firms or end clients.

Asset Lab monitors, oversees and assesses investment risk management by both Tavistock’s in-house investment team (TAM) and external 3rd party DFMs.

Mandates managed by TAM and/or 3rd party DFMs are run at the investment manager’s own discretion and the managers report to the appropriate Tavistock Investment Committee monthly.

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