Care home fees are rising – have you made a plan?

The importance of saving for retirement is shouted from the treetops – but a topic that gets less attention is paying for long-term care in old age.

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Looking to re-mortgage in 2023?

An independent mortgage adviser can look for the best home loan for you across the market and do all the number crunching to give you access to all your options and help decide what works best for you.

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Rotations and dividends

Back in November 2020 I wrote a blog, Nothing Is More Powerful Than An Idea Whose Time Has Come, in which I made the case for a Great Rotation across equity markets where the prior winners, growth stocks, would give way to value stocks which would outperform going forward. I used the following chart (updated to the present day), which was accompanied by the following commentary:

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What we learn from history

Market crashes and economic downturns are a part of life. Market calamity can occur seemingly out of nowhere and whether it be a dotcom bubble, a financial crisis, Brexit or Covid-19, we can never predict the full impact of a new market crash. We can however forecast that its effect on the markets, and the wider economy, will ultimately be temporary.

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