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i-Stock is a non-advised service which allows individuals to open free of charge investment accounts via our app.​​

We currently have the option to open an Individual Savings Account (ISA) and/or a General Investment Account (GIA)​.


An Individual Savings Account is a type of tax-efficient savings or investment account available to UK residents. The main advantage is that any interest or capital gains earned within the account are not subject to income or capital gains tax, allowing individuals to keep more of their savings or investment returns. There are different types of ISAs available, including cash ISAs and stocks and shares ISAs, each with their own rules and restrictions on contributions and withdrawals. Overall, ISAs provide a flexible and tax-efficient way for individuals to save or invest for their future financial goals.


A General Investment Account allows individuals to invest in a wide range of financial products, such as stocks, shares, bonds, and funds, without the tax advantages of an ISA or pension. Unlike an ISA, there are no limits on how much can be invested in a GIA, and withdrawals can be made at any time without penalty. However, any income or capital gains earned within the account may be subject to income tax and capital gains tax. GIAs can be a useful option for individuals who have already maxed out their annual ISA allowance or who are looking for more flexibility in their investment strategy.

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Active vs Passive Investing

The debate about which is better – active or passive funds – has been raging for years among investment professionals.

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