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The Chinese Tech Structural Growth Story

China’s economy has transitioned, from an industrial export-led model, towards services.

The Commodity Carve-Out

Commodities are nothing if not cyclical. They rise and fall in value with remarkable consistency over time.

The Return of Inflation

Quantitative easing, or QE, is where a central bank creates money to buy bonds. The goal is to keep interest rates low and to stimulate the economy during periods of economic stress.

The Powell Pivot 2.0

In January 2019 Jerome Powell pivoted from a policy of interest rate increases and balance sheet cuts to interest rate cuts and, later that year, balance sheet expansion.

Don’t Fight The Fed

Over the last decade, the Fed has increasingly resorted to unconventional monetary policy, such as quantitative easing, or QE, to stimulate the economy.

The Liquidity Crisis Is Dead. All Hail the Solvency Crisis.

In response to the corona crisis, global central banks have unleashed a tidal wave of liquidity.

Economy ≠ Markets

One question I get from advisers and clients, more than any other, is why global equity markets have bounced back so far.

From Liquidity To Solvency

In the early stages of the Corona Crisis of 2020, the global economy faced a liquidity crisis.