UK house price recovery – are we there yet?

Recent Bank of England data suggests that housing market activity remained subdued in the opening months of 2023, with the number of mortgages approved for house purchase in February nearly 40% below the level prevailing a year ago, and around a third lower than pre-pandemic levels.

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Should I stick or twist in a volatile market?

A question we are asked by clients at the moment is whether they should move to cash or stay in for the long run.

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The importance of estate planning – and making a Will

Don’t underestimate the importance of estate planning – and making a Will The idea of having to pay inheritance tax (IHT) is unpopular to say the least. This tax is charged on an estate, which is the property, money and possessions left behind to loved ones who will pay 40% anything above the threshold.

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Tax rises are coming

A whole host of tax rises and cuts to allowances will soon be upon us. Income tax bills are to rise as the bands for basic and higher rate were frozen in the Autumn Statement by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt.

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What lies ahead for investors in 2023?

Last year was challenging for stock markets to say the least. In the UK, both bonds and equities fell in value – and there was the gilt market turmoil of September following the mini-Budget.

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Keeping finances on track in 2023

A new year is an excellent opportunity to get on top of your money matters. With the challenges presented by rising inflation, tax, and household outgoings, being in control of your finances is especially important.

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The high cost of cashing out

Timing the stock market is next to impossible. No one knows exactly what markets will do, but it’s important to remember that the best and worst trading days often happen close together.

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Tavistock Asset Management Investment Outlook

Naturally the fall in portfolio values this year is not a desirable outcome. That said, it is consistent with market pricing, and we remain focused on the ongoing development of the proposition, adapting as required to the ever-evolving investment climate. Given the longer-term nature of the funds, it is important to flag that these periods create fantastic longer-term opportunities, and we aim to take advantage of these over time.

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COP27 and sustainable investing

The Cop27 summit – the United Nations’ annual climate change get-together – has come to a close after much debate about how to solve the climate crises, mostly surrounding how to tackle stamping out dependency on fossil fuels.

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Quarterly perspectives 2022 Q3

Since the 30th of June 2020, which is the date we use for monitoring performance since the start of our strategic review process, the ACUMEN Portfolios have delivered strong risk-adjusted returns, largely outperforming their respective IA sector. On an absolute basis the ACUMEN Portfolios have fallen in value since the start of the year.

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