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Providing specialist financial management, financial planning and tax saving opportunities tailored to your personal requirements.

Abacus Associates is a trading style of Tavistock Partners (UK). Duchy Independent Financial Advisers is a trading style of Tavistock Partners Limited.

We take pride in tailoring our advice to meet the specific needs of our clients.​ We provide regulatory oversight, technology, administration, training and accountancy services to a self-employed IFA network.

Receive expert, independent advice and support across a wide variety of areas shown below – all designed to help you achieve your lifestyle ambitions and goals delivered by our highly qualified staff.

Life throws up surprises with alarming regularity. None of us have a crystal ball to warn when these things may happen, so the only solution is to develop and manage a plan to help you cope with surprises whilst ensuring you grow your wealth to achieve your goals and dreams.

Our corporate team are also able to deliver the financial tools to help your business attract, engage and retain valuable people, to make sure they continue to contribute to success.

What we do

Financial planning

The life-long process of managing your finances to help achieve your goals and dreams. It can help you determine both your short and long-term financial goals, as well as create a balanced plan to meet them.

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Investment planning

A good investment strategy will act like a reliable engine, delivering returns which will hopefully help you achieve your financial goals. While we can never separate the link between risk and return, we will ensure that an investment strategy is appropriate for you in terms of your risk profile and most importantly your capacity for loss.

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Homes & mortgages

Whether buying or renting a property, there are many stages of planning required to establish affordability and sustainability to ensure that your home remains your home over time.

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Family matters

Raising a family can be full on. The ups and downs of life can have an effect on your family and the budgets you set, so planning how to cope with births, deaths, marriages and divorces can be a great help.

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Retirement & pensions

Early on in your career you might not be of the mindset that a pension is important but you’re never too young to start saving for life’s later years. The earlier you start, the more it will benefit you in the long run.

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Small businesses

Setting up and running your own small business for the first time can often sound easier than it is. The road to success is littered with the remains of many failures. There’s a lot to consider and many financial boxes need ticking to ensure your business runs smoothly.

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Financial planning for teachers

We have over 100 years experience in providing financial advice to teachers and their families. We also offer complementary talks at schools so that teachers can make informed financial decisions.

Our range of services cover all stages in life:









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New Pension Tax Framework

Discover the key changes to the UK’s pension tax framework that came into effect 6 April 2024 and how they impact your retirement planning.

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Wealth Transfer Gains Momentum

Recently published research suggests the long-heralded ‘great wealth transfer’ is now firmly underway, which inevitably heightens the need for carefully considered intergenerational financial planning as assets continue to flow down the generations.

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By Tavistock | May 23, 2024

Developing Your Retirement Strategy

Have you developed a retirement strategy yet? Whether you’re nearing retirement, or you still have many years of your working life ahead, careful planning is essential to secure financial stability and peace of mind when you stop working.

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