Investment Management

Offering a range of different strategies to meet varying client needs.

Tavistock Asset Management manages a range of diversified, multi-asset mandates with clear objectives, clear risk levels and broad exposures to underlying investment expertise across the market.


Each mandate is managed for clients by professional investment managers and there is a full range of risk profiles, different levels of active management and a choice of portfolio structures from OEICs to Model Portfolios and even Protection Portfolios.

We work with you to find the most suitable option for your client, allowing you to spend more time planning your clients’ future whilst benefitting from our specialist investment expertise and analysis.

The mandates currently available are outlined in the table below.

Factsheets and literature

For the latest Tavistock Asset Management factsheets and literature click below:

Latest Insights

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By Tavistock | February 21, 2024

Pension Priorities for 2024

Retirement planning is for more than just those preparing to finish work; far from it. Engaging with your pensions is essential no matter what your age.

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By Tavistock | February 15, 2024

Tax Allowances and Contribution Limits 2023/24

How quickly the time flies; with January now a memory and Easter around the corner, our thoughts turn to key dates in the financial calendar.

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By Tavistock | January 18, 2024

Active vs Passive Investing

The debate about which is better – active or passive funds – has been raging for years among investment professionals.

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