Tavistock Investments Plc completes 10-year strategic partnership/sale of Tavistock Wealth

“Discovery consists in seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought.”

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
Nobel Prize Winner – 1937

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Revolutionary Thinking
in financial services

Tavistock Investments Plc looks after the personal wealth of tens of thousands of people, providing them with both financial advice, and with investment products and services that were historically only available to financial institutions and professional investors.

We aim to set industry leading standards for financial advice and investment management. We believe in the pursuit of excellence as a process of evolution. We understand that revolutionary thinking is the commitment to a continual stream of marginal gains.

Advisory Network

Managing the personal wealth of tens of thousands of people providing them with financial planning and advice services to help them create, grow and protect their wealth.

Central Investment Proposition

Providing retail clients with access to institutional quality portfolio management at a retail price partnering up with the most successful risk manager in our industry.

Direct To Consumer (D2C)

Providing a ‘non-advice’ investment platform for investors of most budgets to ‘self invest’ in a range of funds to suit their needs, and to take advantage of any available tax allowances on your investment.

Strategic Partnerships

Working to develop advantages that partnerships can bring, pushing platforms and products into new markets, overcoming the traditional barriers of scaling by using the core competencies of each partner.

Our business is built on traditional values combined with

Revolutionary Thinking


We believe in acting as if what we do makes a difference, because it does. It helps everyone to be the best they can be, and that is our goal.

We want every person in our business to pursue improvement in every aspect of what we do, continually looking for ways we could become better.

This approach applied to our financial advice ensures that we deliver the best solutions to suit your circumstances and that your needs will always be at the heart of everything we do.

That’s Revolutionary Thinking.


An integrated approach to Investing

The Group has separate investment management and advisory businesses. Tavistock Asset Management delivers institutional quality portfolio management at a retail price, providing individuals with the benefit of collective buying power to ensure their portfolio management, platform and dealing charges are amongst the lowest in the industry. Our advisory businesses provide compliance, administration and accounting services to independent financial advisers (Tavistock Partners) and to financial advice firms (The Tavistock Partnership). Tavistock Private Client is a multi-award winning practice that provides independent financial advice and investment management services to higher net worth private clients.

Collective buying power ensures that every person’s investments are protected in globally diversified portfolios, holding over 18,500 positions across 9 primary asset classes and 100 countries; at charges that are amongst the lowest in the industry.

Each investor portfolio is continuously managed to the highest standard of regulatory and tax compliance and to the level of risk agreed with each client at the outset.

Investment Management

Investment Management

Investment Management

Investment Management

Integrated Services

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latest news

Q4 Quarterly Perspectives
Q4 Quarterly Perspectives

Since the 30th of June 2020, which is the date we use for monitoring performance since the start of our strategic review process, the ACUMEN Portfolios have delivered strong risk-adjusted returns, largely outperforming their respective IA sectors.

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Rise of the Underdog
Rise of the Underdog

In its latest economic outlook, the OECD increased its expectations for global GDP. For 2020, the improvement is minimal, reflecting an upward revision, in real GDP, from -4.5% to -4.2%. But beyond that, growing economic momentum should boost global growth to pre-pandemic levels, estimated at 4.2% in 2021 and 3.7% in 2022.

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"The company has delivered continued organic growth in both its investment management and financial advisory businesses despite recent economic uncertainty."

Proactive Investors

"Tavistock Investments has officially launched its direct-to-consumer app, which allows the client to open an ISA or a general investment account...the investment manager revealed that a self-invested personal pension and other Tavistock Wealth funds will be made available in due course through the smartphone app."

FT Adviser

"Warren Buffett has mused, ‘If you’ve been playing poker for half an hour and you still don’t know who the patsy is, you’re the patsy...investors are all too often the patsy. So if you’re like me, you might be more interested in profitable, growing companies, like Tavistock Investments..."

Simply Wall St
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Tavistock Investments leading the way

Tavistock Asset Management identified and have been following an investment strategy to include the use of low cost ETFs since its inception. ETFs can contain multiple underlying assets now making it a popular and wiser spread choice to others for fund diversification. Tavistock Asset Management saw the potential of ETFs from their beginnings and have traded them longer than most. Many have followed, few know them as we do. We already manage more than £1Billion of
customers investments and are the amongst the most prolific ETF traders in the world.

Tavistock Launch Protected Portfolio

The ACUMEN Capital Protection Portfolio (ACPP) with a protection level of 90% of the highest value ever achieved, is the latest in the ACUMEN range of Portfolios. Being invested within the ACPP will afford a significant amount of the initial investment being protected, as well as a substantial amount of any future profits.


Direct to consumer

The Tavistock Investments Group launched a direct-to-consumer (D2C) investment App in early 2019, which allows a customer, to invest money into an ISA or General Investment Account, with a plan to launch a SIPP account in 2020.

Deposits can be made from as little as £50 per month, or a one-off payment of just £100. Either can then be invested in an ISA to take advantage of annual tax benefits, or a General Investment Account.

There are no account fees for running an i-stock investment account and everything can be managed from the App on mobile, tablet or laptop. The App can be downloaded on both Apple and Android, as well an a state-of-the-art web app direct to your phone.

Start your 2021 ISA today.

Invest from as little as £50 per month, take advantage of you tax allowances for this tax year 2019/2020, and build your wealth for the future – all from your mobile phone.


Sign up today and your account will be free for the lifetime of your investment, and you can deposit or cash out anytime, 24/7.


Building the future of Investing

The ethos of the Tavistock Investments Group is founded on traditional values – honour, vigilance and dependability – enhanced by the relentless pursuit of excellence and improvement in every aspect of what we do.

Your best interests are at the core of everything that we and our advisers do on your behalf. We believe it’s our ability to build strong relationships with clients that is key to success for both.

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